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Anvaya Cove

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    Address: Subic Bay
    City: Morong
    Province: Bataan
    Country: Philippines

    Status: Active

    Full Description:

    Anvaya Cove is Ayala Land Premier’s first venture in leisure development.  Its unique “mountains meet the sea” topography gives it the features of both a mountain retreat and a seaside resort.


    A seaside residential community like no other, Anvaya Cove encompasses 320 hectares, from a 3.5 kilometer coastline to a peak elevation of over 130 meters above sea level. The development offers neighborhoods with distinctive environments set against stunning views of the mountains of the Bataan range and the waters of Subic Bay.

    Careful planning has gone into keeping the natural lay of the land - splendid panoramas, open expanses, wetlands teeming with life, abundant forests -seamlessly transitioning into the architectural guidelines of the development. The homes and other structures are woven into the terrain using the airy and inviting Asian Tropical design aesthetic done in a palette of soft, earthy tones. Rolling asphalt roads and low-impact pedestrian paths preserve the natural beauty of the site. These verdant swathes of land encourage family bonding to flow from indoors to outdoors and easily into the activities and discoveries of the Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club found at its center.

    Making a splash. Going with the flow. Building your dreams.

    At Anvaya Cove, set your life to Mother Nature's pulse, steady as the rise and fall of the waves. On sun-flooded days at the beach, let your children plunge into the energy of the sea by enjoying an array of water sports or exploring the wonders of a vibrant tropical marine ecosystem. Give them the chance to watch the pawikan hatchlings set off on their first swim in a cycle as magical as the days are long. And with the arrival of migrating birds, they learn that other creatures also call Anvaya Cove home.

    Leaving it all behind. Exploring new paths. Living it up.

    Wake up the family with a symphony of birdsong ushering in a day of discovery. Take a walk though the Nature Camp and discover a multitude of colors and textures with a score of indigenous flowers, plants and trees. Let your children experience the thrill of flying across a zipline or racing through the forest. Their hands and feet become familiar with the feel of the earth and the sway of rope bridges. Their eyes are soon fluent in the vibrant markings of birds and insects. From the cliffs, end your day with the incredible sight of an endless sky of stars. At Anvaya Cove, the exhilarating outdoors is preserved for you - as nature intended.

    Location and Vicinity

    it is an easy drive to Anvaya Cove. With the convenience of the Northern Luzon and the Subic-Clark –Tarlac Expressways, you have more time for family activities. And there are even more to choose from with Subic Bay Freeport Zone’s assortment of shopping, dining, and recreational facilities just 25 minutes away. Here at Anvaya Cove, you’re in the right place to create memories and family traditions. It’s time.

    Points of interest at the Subic Bay Freeport

    Dining choices:

    1. Filipino cuisine and nightlife at Gerry’s Grill and Pier One

    2. Gourmet selections at The Spanish Gate, Aresi, Sakura, 
      and Rama Mahal

    3. Imported steaks at Meat Plus

    4. Fastfood restaurants like Pancake House, Dunkin Donuts, Chowking, and Yellow Cab Pizza

    5. Coffee specialties at Seattle’s Best and Extremely Espresso

    Kiddie activities:

    1. Ocean Adventure, Southeast Asia’s first open-air marine facility 
      for sea lion shows and interaction with false killer whales

    2. El Kabayo equestrian center

    3. Zoobic Wildlife Sanctuary for a closer look at tigers, 
      ostriches, and other wild animals

    4. Butterfly Kingdom and Insectarium

    5. JEST Aviaries

    Teenage activities:

    1. Go-kart racing at Le Mans Go-Kart track

    2. Car races at the Subic International Raceway

    3. JEST (Jungle Environment & Survival Training) Camp

    4. Wreck diving at Subic Bay

    Adult activities:

    1. A round or two of golf at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Golf Course

    2. Sailing at the Subic Bay Yacht Club

    3. Shopping at the duty-free stores and Nike outlet store


    Cliffside Lots
    Cliffside is the signature neighborhood of the entire Anvaya development. This area is the most scenic because of its elevation (35-50 meters above sea level) and commanding views of the beach, Subic Bay, and the Zambales mountain ranges.

    A special area of Cliffside called My Park has lots with backyards that connect seamlessly with a one-hectare nature park, giving residents a sense of having their own private park right outside their doorstep.

    Mango Grove
    An abundance of large, mature mango trees give this area its unique character. Views of the cove, green valleys, the Beach Club, and Nature Camp can be seen from this vantage point. The Mango Grove will also have its own playground and picnic benches.

    Wood Park
    Smaller than Anvaya Cove's first two neighborhoods and enveloped in greenways, Wood Park has a snug arboreal charm. Entry into the area is thru a bridge that crosses over a natural brook. Sunset Park will be located at the heart of the neighborhood.

    The Bamboo Grove
    Unwind in the gentle harmonies of The Bamboo Grove. With 6.4 hectares of gently rolling terrain located at an average of 85 meters above sea level, this serene neighborhood of 67 lots of 420 to 600 square meters is tucked in the southeastern portion of Anvaya Cove. Here, you will find a home to refresh your spirit.

    Bamboo Grove Site Development Map

    Click to enlarge >

    As you step into the Bamboo Grove, the soothing rustle of bamboo ushers you to your personal retreat. Leaves unfurl toward the sunlight, a single entry road unfolds branching out into verdant streets where the greenview lots are set amongst natural surroundings. Three pocket parks are additional hideaways that let you simply shrug your cares away.


    • Features gently rolling terrain

    • Some lots may offer views of the South China Sea

    • A private 200m, entrance to the neighborhood

    • Landscaped parks

    • Turnover Date - 1st Quarter 2010

    ELEVATION: Approximately 85 sqm above sea level


    Greenview Lots
    507 sqm to 611 sqm (P per sqm)

    These lots have unobstructed views of the greenery with some Greenview lots being beside pocket parks within the neighborhood. There are only a total of 16 Greenview lots in the entire neighborhood.

    Leisure Lots
    409 sqm to 547 sqm
    These are regularly-shaped prime lots, with some located beside pocket parks.

    For more information, download the Bamboo Grove E-brochure
    Requires Adobe PDF Reader. Download here.

    The Seascape Ridge
    At the Seascape Ridge, more than 85% of the neighborhood is devoted to open spaces and greenery so you can revel in its natural features - an expanse of green at the center complemented by landscaped gardens and natural footpaths for each corner home.

    Seascape Ridge Site Development Map

    Click to enlarge >

    Fourteen quads are spread out across 4.5 hectares maintaining wide open spaces, with quads approximately 20 meters away from each other. The quads and their landscaping blend effortlessly with the existing design of Anvaya Cove, yet are distinctive enough to provide a sense of community. Enjoy convenience parking - two slots for each corner home - apart from the designated parking area for guests.

    Seascape Ridge units provide all the privacy and comfort of a home, in a prime elevated location. Each unit, designed in the open and airy Tropical Asian architecture, extends the beauty of Anvaya Cove seamlessly inside and out. Every detail is laid out to encourage family bonding with more room for kids to enjoy their summers in the magnificent outdoors. And there's no need to worry about the upkeep - Ayala Property Management Corporation is on the job to handle grounds maintenance and administration.

    Seascape Ridge is all about providing choices - there are options to buy more than a single corner home or to even own an entire leisure quad for your extended family. A warm and welcoming vacation house with the conveniences and security of condominium living - the ideal second home for clients of all nationalities.

    Seascape Ridge - Living Room Model


    • It is a 4.6 hectare masterplanned community composed of 14 quads with a total of 56 corner units, ready to move-in.

    • The quads were designed along l Tropical Asian-inspired architecture.

    • Structured under a condominium set-up and managed by Ayala Property Management Corp., Seascape Ridge offers hassle-free planning & construction and worry-free ownership for all nationalities in search of their seaside leisure getaway.

    ELEVATION: 85 to 105 meters above sea level

    TOTAL NUMBER OF UNITS: 20 units for Phase A

    Seascape Ridge - Bedroom Model

    2 Bedroom Plus Units
    Total Floor Area: 167 sqm (approx.)
    Limited Unit Common Area: 183 sqm (approx. - Includes patio & utility area)
    Bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms and Maid's Room

    Toilets: 3 T&Bs + 1 T&B for Maid's room
    Parking Slots: 2 Appurtenant parking slots per Unit

    Family Essentials: Living, dining, kitchen, den, attic & utility area
    Leisure Quads in Development: 4 Leisure Quads (16 units)

    3 Bedroom Plus Units
    Total Floor Area: 187 sqm (approx.)
    Limited Unit Common Area: 222 sqm (approx. - Includes patio & utility area)
    Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms and Maid's Room
    Toilets: 3 T&Bs + 1 T&B for Maid's room
    Parking Slots: 2 Appurtenant parking slots per Unit

    Family Essentials:Living, dining, kitchen, den, attic & utility area

    Leisure Quads in Development: 10 Leisure Quads (40 Corner Units)


    • Homogenous tile flooring in the living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms

    • Solid surface countertops for the kitchen

    • Granite countertops for bathrooms

    • Wooden doors, stair treads and railings


    • Asphalt shingle roofing

    • Homogenous tiles in the patio and utility area

    • Accent wall of wood stone to blend with the natural surroundings


    • Kitchen cabinets with solid wood frame doors, and high pressure laminate center panels, cabinet accessories and a soft-close feature

    • Kohler fixtures and Hansgrohe faucets & fittings (except for maid's T&B)

    • Hansgrohe Rain shower head and temperature water mixers (Master's T&B)

    • Glass shower partition

    • Bedroom closets for storage

    • Glass sliding front doors and large windows


    • Outdoor patio and common area that extends your family living space

    • Glass doors and windows for maximum enjoyment of views and for better ventilation

    • Attic and storage space on the third floor

    • Incorporated refrigerant piping for convenient installation of owner supplied split-type air conditioner

    • Provision for washer and dryer

    • Provision for TV/CATV in all bedrooms and living room

    • Multi point water heaters provided in all bathrooms**

    • Provision for generator set installation

    • Individual meter for water and power utilities

    • Maid's quarters with T&B

    • Exterior utility area

    * Owners to provide their own Air Conditioner Units

    **Expect maid's T&B, instantaneous heater to be provided

    For more information, download the Seascape Ridge E-brochure
    Requires Adobe PDF Reader. Download here.

    The Vistas at Mango Grove
    Beneath the majestic trees that weave in and out of The Vistas at Mango Grove lie picturesque scenes looking out to rolling terrain and calm seas. Far from the flat grays and rough concrete of the city, the panoramas throughout the neighborhood are vibrant and refreshing-offering a unique splendor that can only come from nature.

    The Vistas at Mango Grove Site Development Map

    Click to enlarge >

    Connecting with your family while communing with nature may seem like a far-flung escape; but The Vistas at Mango Grove is only a stone's throw away from the amenities and communities within Anvaya Cove, the country's foremost eco-residential seaside leisure community. Despite its proximity to nearby neighborhoods, the development stays private, with low density planning at roughly 5 dwelling units per hectare, as compared to 10 to 12 units in other areas. Offering just 36 lots at an average size of 790 square meters per lot, your home will be bordered by vast expanses of green, shared by two neighbors at most. The Vistas at Mango Grove assures its residents of security, privacy and a distinct exclusivity that offers families a retreat far away from distraction.

    Matchless vistas of sky and sea are made possible with elevations at 65 to 95 meters above sea level. Anvaya's sparkling coves, lush green valleys, thickly forested ridges and rolling terrains are unobstructed, presenting Mango Grove's residents with views that cannot be found anywhere else. Taking in nature's grandeur becomes a shared experience for everyone with countless sweeping vistas of local treasures-the picturesque Ilingin Cove, the Silangin mountain ranges, Mt. Natib, and the South China Sea. Paired with the beauty of Anvaya Cove's tropical architecture sprawled throughout the Beach Club and the Nature Camp, each view provides a peak into the wonders of nature.

    At The Vistas at Mango Grove, living side by side with sea, sky and lush foliage is possible. Complementing the myriad views are mango trees grown to full maturity, providing residents with lush vegetation that heightens their experience of being one with nature.

    The Vistas at Mango Grove

    Land area of 6.8 hectares
    Neighborhood with lowest density to date: 5.3 lots per hectare

    Neighborhood layout offers a heightened sense of privacy ,with most lots having only 2 adjacent neighbors (vs. a typical neighborhood lot that has 4 neighbors - 3 adjacent and 1 across the street).

    Development follows the natural lay of the land. Heritage trees are preserved.
    Variety of picturesque views for all of the lots:
- South China Sea
- Subic Bay and the Silangin Mountain Ranges
- Mount Natib
- Greenways
- Parks and Open spaces

    ELEVATION: 65 to 95 square meters above sea level


    Sea View
    701 sqm to 1,642 sqm
    Lots with clear views of the sea at the time of sale.

    866 sqm to 1,116 sqm

    Lots that have Greenways (with or without an accompanying bordering easement, open space or park) on at least one side of the lot. Greenways feature natural or formally-landscaped areas which are not part of the neighborhoods and which may be designated for future sports / recreational use.

    755 sqm to 937 sqm

    Lots that have clear views of the Greenways at the time of sale. Greenways feature natural or formally-landscaped areas which are not part of the neighborhoods and which may be designated for future sports/recreational use.

    Compliance with Deed Restrictions and House Design Guidelines as well as conscientious planning for house construction and landscaping by both the homeowners and/or their neighbors should preserve these views.

    Parkside and Parkview
    450 sqm to 801 sqm
    Parkview lots feature views of a neighborhood park or other open space.

    Parkside lots have a park or other green open space on at least one side of the lot.


    Anvaya Cove Masterplan


    At the Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club, you can throw yourself into the thick of things or wade slowly through a clam day. The Welcome Pavilion, in true Asian Tropical style, is a pleasant respite before your day gets going. At the Main Pavilion, a veritable hub of activity, there is always a multitude of things to do. Lunch at the Bamboo Café is a chance to bond with the kids before an afternoon at the Game Room. At the Beach Area, you can choose your pleasure-relaxation at the Massage Salas or exhilaration with water sports. The water is great at The Pools at Anvaya, and the kids are safe and sound at the Seahorse Kiddie Village. With discoveries at every step on various trails, the Nature Camp rounds out a perfect sunny day. You know you have found a treasure trove when family encounters with nature are a tradition, and you have given them wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

    Amenities at the Beach & Nature Club
    Main Pavilion
    • Welcome Pavilion
    • Bamboo Cafe
    • Sambali Lounge
    • Function Rooms
    • Game Room, Library Lounge, Convenience Shop, and Clinic
    • Lookout Tower and Tower Bar
    • Seahorse Kiddie Village

    Recreational Beach Area
    • Pawikan Bar and Grille
    • Water Sports Pavilion

    The Pools at Anvaya
    • Infinity Pool
    • Lounge Pool
    • Lap Pool

    Great Lawn and Lagoon

    Casitas (Garden Rooms, Garden Terrace, Lagoon Terrace, Anvaya Suite)

    Nature Camp
    • Fitness Trail
    • Kiddie Trail
    • Kiddie Ziplines
    • Adventure Trail
    • Magma Trail


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